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7 Summer Sleep Tips

As we approach the Summer months, it is important to have our bedroom setup so we don't wake up hot and sweaty.

The optimal sleep temperature for our bedrooms is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit and sleeping comfortable is essential to great sleep. How do we achieve that without continuously running our A/C?

Below are 7 key ways to create a cool nights sleep:

1) Close your curtains or blinds during the day

Closing your curtains during the day will help keep the temperature down so when it is time to go to bed, your room temperature isn't like a toaster oven and your A/C will run less.

2) Use a fan

A ceiling fan or standing fan will help continuously move air around the room. Air movement will help wick away moisture and heat.

3) Invest in a cool mattress

Invest in a mattress with cooling technology or one that doesn't absorb heat. Avoid mattresses containing memory foams and thick toppers that absorb heat. Mattresses composed of latex foams and larger cell structure foams absorb minimal heat and allow for increased airflow to keep you cool all night. Our Geneva mattress is made of 100% Talalay latex foam to promote airflow and reduce heat absorption.

4) Upgrade your pillow

Just like the mattress, your pillow is important to your overall body temperature. Avoid memory foam pillows and stick with a large cell structure foam (latex foam) or a pillow with cooling technology like KulKote. Our Lugano and Matterhorn pillows are made of Talalay latex foam which allows for extra airflow keeping you cool all night. Additionally, our Matterhorn pillow has temperature regulating technology, KulKote, which has an amazing cooling effect.

5) Switch to breathable sheets

Breathable materials like long-staple Egyptian cotton are perfect for bed sheets since they allow for increased airflow and are crisp. Thicker sheets or lower quality materials tend to trap heat and keep you too warm at night.

6) Use products with temperature regulating technology

There are new technologies in the Sleep Industry that are extremely good at regulating body temperature for a better nights sleep. Old technologies like gels, gel-infused foams, and channel cut foams never seemed to work very well. New phase change material driven technologies are taking over and actually work. At Legend Sleep, we use KulKote which is the industry leader in this area. We apply their temperature regulating product on our Matterhorn pillows to provide you with a pillow that will help you stay cool at night and maintain optimal body temperature for the perfect night's sleep.

7) Set your A/C to the mid 60s to low 70s

Lastly, your A/C temperature mixed with everything above will provide the best possible sleeping environment. It's a great idea to use a smart thermostat to control your cooling. Smart thermostats (like the Nest Thermostat) will learn when you go to bed and to cool your room appropriately and extremely efficiently compared to older thermostats.

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