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Prepare for Holiday Guests

One of the best parts of the holidays is how everyone gets together. Whether you have family visiting from out of town or friends coming in for one night, you want to make sure that everyone has a comfortable space of their own.

Plan the guest room

You might only have a few people coming to visit or a whole family, so it is important that you have space for everyone. Get rid of any extraneous objects in the guests sleeping area so they have their own space to put their things.

Make the room cozy

Your guest's mattress, sheets, pillow, and towels are important to make their stay great. Make your guests feel like they are at a luxury hotel so they are comfortable in a place that isn't theirs. The negative is that your guest may never want to leave.

Give them access

If you fully trust your guests, give them access to your home so you don't have to cater to them at every moment. This makes it easier for yourself and your guests. Give them a set of keys, garage code, and wifi password. They will feel at home and this will take pressure off yourself.

Let your guests know where everything is

Let your guest be self-sufficient. Tell them the tricks to working the TV, show them where the water glasses are, how to make coffee in the morning, and where the extra towels are in case they need a new one. This makes the guests feel at home and they will become less of a bother for you which makes everyone happy.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a great holiday with your family and friends!

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