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New Year, New You

Every New Year we make goals about our health, career, family, and more, but we tend to always leave out sleep. Sleep is a major factor of our health and can affect everything in our lives.

1) Get 7-9 hours of good sleep

The National Sleep Foundation[1] suggests the average adult gets 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. We tend to stay up late and sacrafice sleep, but this usually leads to a less productive day and potential heath effects.

2) Avoid foods / drinks that affect your sleep

Avoid coffee, chocolate, alcohol, fatty foods, high-sugar containing foods, spicy foods, dried fruit, green tea, and onions. There are many other foods that could also affect your sleep cycle, but the main thing is to avoid the extremes. Too much food or too little food, no matter what kind of food it is will affect your sleep.

3) Exercise in the morning or late afternoon

Jump start you body in the morning with some exercise. A morning routine will help you get out of bed, feel refreshed, and keep your body in good shape. You can also opt for end of day exercise. This is make your body tired and ready for sleep. Allowing your body to power down and fall asleep faster.

4) Put away devices

Set down you device and turn off the TV. Pick up a book and turn down the lights. You have mostly likely heard about how devices can potentially affect sleep. The main cause is the blue light that is emitted from our devices screens (tablets, phones, tvs). The blue light can delay the release of melatonin, increase brain activity, and adjust our natural body clock to a later time.

5) Upgrade your sleep

Get rid of that old creeky spring bed or saggy poor quality memory foam mattress you have. They are killing your heath and reducing the quality of sleep you are getting. Its not just about the quantity of sleep but also the quality.

At Legend Sleep, we put quality first with all of our products. From raw materials to the manufacturing process, every aspect is tightly controlled so we provide you with the best possible sleeping experience that lasts for years.

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