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Foods To Avoid Before Sleep

External factors like noise, light, and temperature can have a significant effect on sleep experience, but what we put into our bodies can also have a great impact on our sleep.

How Food Affects Sleep

No matter how tired we are, ultimately our body decides when and how well we sleep. An area that has particular sway is our stomach. Specifically, we’re talking about the foods that enter our body under the guise of good taste but show their true colors when we try to get to sleep.

Our nighttime food choices can have lasting health ramifications so see our list below for foods to avoid before going to bed.

Foods To Avoid Before Sleep:

1) Dark Chocolate

This fabulous treat contains caffeine which can stimulate the nervous system and keep you awake for hours just like coffee.

2) Bacon Hamburger

While amazingly good, the high-fat of bacon and beef triggers the production of acid in the stomach.

Full plates of burgers and chips on the table at a bar and grill restaurant

3. Chicken

Chicken or any type of protein takes a lot of energy to digest, and lengthening this process could throw our sleep schedule off.

4. Pizza

Cheese is rich in fat and tomato sauce is acidic. Fat will make your body work at night to store it and the acidic tomato sauce could cause heartburn making it hard to fall asleep.

Ice Cream

Dairy can have a ton of fat and sugar. Your body will need to work all night long to consume and store this energy.

Cereal and Milk

Dairy in the milk and sugar in cereal spikes our blood sugar and puts your body to work through the night.

Colorful orange, green, and red Cheerios in a bowl of milk


Pasta is a carbohydrate and, like sugar, activate our body's storage system and make it work during the night.

A plate of bow tie pasta, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and pesto sauce at Buna's Kitchen

Hot Peppers

Spicy foods can increase blood flow and your body's temperature. Both of which will make you restless at night causing poor sleep.

Red peppers at Saskatoon Farmers' Market


Caffeinated coffee will keep you wide awake all night. Caffeine's half-life (the time it takes our bodies to eliminate one-half of it) is 5-6 hours! Try to minimize drinking coffee even in the early afternoon to get a great night's sleep.

Cappuccino in a white mug with white foam art on a wooden table

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