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Sleeping Cool and The Best Temperature For Sleep

Sleeping cool is important to sleep your best. So how do you sleep cool and what is the best temperature for sleep?

There are several factors that can affect your sleep temperature. Many studies have been performed that show how sleeping too warm or too cold can significantly affect the degree to which your body feels rested[1].

1) Bedroom Ambient Temperature

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The first factor is the ambient/surrounding temperature of the room you are sleeping in. The temperature of the room is the most important because it has a significant effect on everything else in the room (body, sheets, bed, pillow, etc.). The best sleep temperature is between 60 - 67 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are trying to fall asleep, your body temperature decreases to which set the body into "sleep mode", so having a cooler room will lead to falling asleep much quicker and easier.

Set your thermostat to turn off the heat or turn on the AC, an hour or two before bed. This will allow you to have the correct sleep environment right away when getting into bed. We recommend a smart thermostat like a Nest Thermostat that you can create schedules easily and change the temperature no matter where you are so that your bedroom is set perfectly before you go to sleep.

2) Body

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The average human body's temperature is between 97.7 - 99.5 °F. If we don't have a fever, then this temperature is regulated pretty well by our bodies but there are some instances where we can feel warmer even if we aren't. For example, sunburn, after eating certain foods, exercise, and hormone levels.

3) Sheets

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Sheets are what insulated the body and give you a comforting feel when in bed. If we are still sleeping too warm and the temperature of the room is controlled, then we need to take a look at our sheets first.

Sheets made of polyester or microfiber generally do not allow much airflow so any heat generated by the body is trapped, making you sleep warmer and warmer. Sheets made with quality Egyptian cotton allow for greater airflow. With that said, it also comes down to true thread count and weave. With weave, there are two major types: percale and sateen. A percale weave is light and generally good for summer months. The sateen weave is slightly heavier and best for general use.

Many people believe that the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of sheet. This is technically correct, but the problem is all sheet companies aren't measuring thread count the same way or, most of the time, they are just decieving the customer.

For example, it's like pizza pie for $10, but the seller never tells you how big the pizza is. You end up paying $10 for a 2 inch pizza, instead of what you believed would be a standard 12" pie.

To weed through this deception, it is important to look for a few things to determine the quality of a sheet: ply count, cotton type, and weave. You can learn more about these factors on our The Milano Sheets page.

4) Pillow


The next step to think about is your pillow. The myth that we lose tons of heat from our heads isn't true, but the head still generates heat so we need a pillow that doesn't absorb excessive amounts of heat or is breathable.

With a pillow, we have a pillowcase, pillow cover, and pillow core. See our section on Sheets as it applies directly to the pillowcase. The pillow cover is what comes sewn on to your pillow core. This cover should not contain any heat absorbing fibers (cotton stuffing, wool, etc.) and should be designed thin. Lastly, the pillow core is the largest part of the pillow and it needs to be breathable and limit heat retention. Memory foam and gel foams have poor breathability and retain heat, so if you sleep warm you may want to opt for a latex or feather pillow.

Our pillow, The Matterhorn Pillow, is a temperature regulating pillow that is beneficial for all sleepers. It isn't gel and isn't memory foam so The Matterhorn is breathable and temperature regulating. This pillow also includes technology, KulKote, that promotes a temperature neutral sleep environment which is exactly what we need to sleep our best.

4) Mattress

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The final factor of sleeping your best and sleeping cool is your mattress. Your mattress can absorb heat and retain heat throughout the night making it hard for you to get rest. The mattress is similar to the pillow where you need to take a look at the cover and core materials. Just like the pillow, we want to minimize the usage of memory or gel foams because, again, these foams retain heat and don't have great breathability. Choose a mattress with foam that has a larger cell structure which will allow for heat exchange. We use Talalay latex which has a large cell structure and doesn't absorb heat like other foams do. Take a look at The Geneva Mattress.

In order to sleep your best, temperature management is key.

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